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Tumbling Only Classes

All athletes must be approved to move to Level 3 within the T&T program. Once an athlete is approved for level 3, they can choose to continue in T&T or switch over to our tumbling-specific program.

  • Tumbling Level 3  (90-MINUTE CLASS)
    For boys and girls ages 6 & up. This class is designed for anyone who has mastered the fundamentals of the beginning T&T Levels. Class time will be spent building more refined basics and adding more advanced tumbling skills.
    Floor: Straight arm rolls, walk overs, round off punch backs, angled back handsprings and round off back handspring progressions.
    Trampoline: Front and back drop connection skills, front and back flip progressions.
  • Tumbling Level 4  (90-MINUTE CLASS)
    For boys and girls ages 8 and older. This is a skill oriented class. Students have mastered the round off back handspring and can now start connecting tumbling skills to create intricate passes.
    Floor: Round off back handsprings, angle multiple back handsprings, front and back tucks.
    Trampoline: Front and back tucks, twisting drills and progressions.

Specialty Tumbling Classes

  • Back Handspring Only (60-MINUTE CLASS)
    For boys and girls ages 7 and older. This class is great for dancers, cheerleaders or anyone looking for bragging rights. Students will focus entirely on the back handspring using drills and various matting to help them master their backwards tumbling skills and passes. Students must be enrolled or have taken a T&T Level 2 class to be enrolled in BHS only. Students will be working all the basic skills and progressions for a back handspring, round off drills and progressions as well as round off back handspring drills and progressions.
  • Tumbling for Dance (90 MINUTE CLASS)
    For any who dances, likes dancing, likes being fluid in their movements, and likes to have fun. Tumbling for dance is a class where all of that is applied. While we do work some tighter tumbling such as round offs and back handsprings we work more on breaking things down and making them fluid. We take dance skills and combine them with acrobatic skills for extra flair. Most dancers enjoy having these skills to put in their dances. These tricks are more out of the ordinary for a regular tumbling class and you may only learn them in this specific class. It geared more toward a trick oriented gentle tumbling person. Finally, this class is never dull because there is always a new trick or a new way to combine dance skills with tumbling.
  • Intermediate Cheer Tumbling (60-90 MINUTE CLASS)
    For anyone interested in cheer whether you just want to have fun or want to be a cheerleader in the future, this class can teach you many things. Must have a consistent back handspring to be enrolled. This class teaches you skills that most teams require you to have, but they are also fun tricks to show your friends. Cheer tumbling teaches you power skills such as round offs, back handsprings, back tucks, and more. We also work on gaining muscle so the kids are capable of completing these amazing skills. Finally, we go over the jumps and how break it down so they know how they are all supposed to look all in a fun, energetic, friendly learning environment.

Program Director

Trampoline & Tumbling CRL Director