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Bernie’s Gymnastics

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Each monthly session is a once a week ½ hour lesson. Students may attend twice a week or increase their time to a 45-minute or 1-hour lesson depending on availability.

One-on-one physical activity instruction for special needs children and young adults in a gymnastics setting. Instruction will meet the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of every student of any age of ability. Each student is given the opportunity to explore a variety of movement concepts in a safe and positive learning environment. Developing coordination, balance, flexibility, muscle strength, spatial awareness, and body control is the bases to each lesson. The class involves using gymnastics equipment, which includes balance beam, bars, parallel bars, pommel horse, trampoline, and various mats set up in an obstacle course pattern. Gymnastics skills will also be taught as your child progresses through the program.

In addition to the physical aspects of the program, many life-long skills are also learned including patience, listening skills, improved concentration, following directions, and discipline. Among the most beneficial aspects of gymnastics is the development of self esteem and building confidence in order to participate in everyday activities.

Words cannot describe the fun, the excitement and the incredible sense of accomplishment a child feels when a new skill, movement, or challenge is mastered or overcome. Your child will have an endless adventure in which they have fun activities combined with an array of physical challenges to sustain their interest.


Program Director

Bernie’s Gymnastics