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All students must start/trial in GTramp Beginning. Intermediate – must be able to flip from feet to feet forward and need only a light spot for back flips. Advanced GTramp – builds off the base levels and progresses through twisting drills.

GTramp also known as Garden Trampoline is a more freestyle version of Olympic trampolining. Students will learn progressions and terminology for skills to safely build as they improve. Classes will be taught on Olympic style trampolines with a safer environment than a backyard. Beginning and Advanced classes are available. GTramp is a trampoline only class.

Tricking (60-MINUTE CLASS)

All students must start/trial in Beginning. Advanced must be able to do a backflip on ground. Ages 6+

Tricking is a form of flips and spins performed on the ground but can also be done using obstacles like walls, benches and curbs. Students will learn fundamental body movements used to progress through the skills as well as proper safe landings. Beginning and Advanced classes are available. Tricking is a trampoline and ground class.


We offer two types of Ninja classes. Little Ninjas is for all athletes ages 4-6 and Beginning Ninja classes are ages 6+.

The aim of Ninja is to get from point A to B in a complex environment in the fastest and most efficient way possible no matter the obstacle. Ninja includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping rolling, and other movements depending on the obstacle or situation. Advanced Ninja is a more inclusive form of Ninja by getting from point A to point B yet adding another element of flair. Students will take what they have learned in Beginning Ninja or Tricking and add them together to create a smooth motion that is purely aesthetic. Ninja is a ground only class.


Program Director

Gtramp/Tricking/Ninja Supervisor