We offer the following classes for children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years old (Kindergarten).

Movers (Parent & Tot): ages 18 mos – 2 yrs (45 minute class) 
Parent and Toddler participation.  This class allows the young student to explore the sport and begin to learn gymnastics techniques.
Jumpers: 3 yrs (50 minute class)

Progress continues as children learn to be independent. No more parental participation is needed. Physical skills begin to develop, along with self-confidence and socialization. Basic gymnastics skills become more familiar.
Tumblers: 4 yrs (60 minute class)

In this class, developing coordination, listening, and motor skills advance to the next level as each child grows. More emphasis on stretching, flexibility, balance, and working on skills more independently. This class sets a strong foundation for mind and body development.
Climbers:  5 yrs (60 minute class)

In this class, the student has a good background knowledge of basic gymnastics skills.  The student will use this basis as a stepping stone toward advancing techniques already learned previously into more difficult skills.
Flippers: 6 yrs (60 minute class)

This is the first Kindergym class that introduces the student to the larger full-sized equipment.  This introduction is a great transition into any of the recreational programs offered. The student will be able to use some techniques learned in younger classes to help further their skills on the larger equipment.
Flyers: 5-7 yrs (90 minute class twice per week – teacher recommendation only)

Flyers is an invitation-only class that is structured for fast development and the potential advancement to Girls team. This group is required to attend class twice a week, which is a minimum of 3 hours (1.5 hours per class). This class focuses on technique and form, as well as putting the gymnasts in a more challenging atmosphere to learn more advanced skills. Please contact Alexus Cole-Edwards for an evaluation (